I didn't even know egg's name, but he gave his life so that I could eat and I'm eternally grateful

This pisses me off enough to cancel prime, except then I think I'd lose my discount at whole foods. Damn u, bezos

Actually happy to go to the store to buy eggs. Debating whether I should wear a mask or not. Honestly I'd rather die than live afraid of corona for more than 2 weeks

Can't stop thinking about if I had to choose, whether I want to go full blown Ben Hockett, find a Mrs Hockett and live off-the-grid, just be virtually inaccessible; or if I want to live in a society, potentially end up divorced/date throwaways for the rest of my life, and support my community with a little free library that I have to sanitize once a week until I die

What's the less-crazy option

Vitamins enlighten me

I have two simultaneously different feelings about everything right now

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